Creating Masons since 1923.

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Safe to Join

Our members all pass background checks and interviews to ensure they're men of good character and intent who believe in the existence of a Supreme Being.

Famous Members

Nineteen governors, four senators, Gene Autry, Nat "King" Cole, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and Steve Wozniak have all been California Freemasons.

Life with Purpose

We invest in the future through community involvement and programs of self-improvement based on charity, education, family values, and moral standards.

What California Freemasons Do

An eldery man in a wheelchair is taken for a stroll by a cheerful volunteer.
California’s 60,000 Masons come from every culture, faith, and nationality. However, we all share a desire to make a profound difference in the lives of others. We also enjoy regular opportunities to build bonds of fellowship within a larger community, improving our personal and professional lives while providing relief to those who need it.

A teacher leads his classroom.
We have a long history of supporting education. In fact, one of our greatest moments as a fraternity was helping to create the nation’s first public school systems in 1920. Since then, we have supported public education with programs to benefit underserved youths. This includes teaching early literacy skills and providing resources for kids at high risk of academic failure. We even give scholarships to deserving high school seniors who otherwise may never go to college.

An eldery man in a wheelchair is taken for a stroll by a cheerful volunteer.
Relief is one of our core values. We, as Masons, care deeply about the well-being of our brothers, families, and communities. That’s why our members’ generous contributions are the sole support for our relief work.

The Masonic Homes of California provide care and services for Masons and their wives (or widows). This includes access to residential communities and statewide outreach programs.

The Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF) helps youths struggling with behavioral or mental health issues. MCYAF is part of our commitment to serve youth and families in new and meaningful ways. It also uses an integrated model of care not found anywhere else in the United States.

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